oxidative status

Effects of Vitamin E on Bone Oxidative Parameters during Fracture Healing of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Rat Model

Osteoporosis increases the risk of bone fracture and may interfere fracture healing. Studies have proven that vitamin E promoted fracture healing of osteoporotic bone. The objective of this study is to determine whether the antioxidative actions of tocopherol and tocotrienol promotes the late-phase fracture healing of ovariectomised rats. Thirty-two female Sprague-Dawley (200g - 250g) rats were divided among four groups: Sham (SO), Ovariectomised-control (OVXC), Ovariectomised + 60mg/kg alpha-tocopherol (ATF), and ovariectomised + 60mg/kg tocotrienol enrich fraction (TEF).

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