Tocotrienol Rich Fraction Modulates the Expression of Synaptogenic RNAs in Neurons of Caenorhabditis Elegans
Vol. 5 Issue 1 : 2017


Background: One of the main concerns of getting older is the experience of impairments in memory function. Synapses play an important role in learning and memory during aging and their deterioration is associated with reactive oxygen species. Among the many vitamin E analogues, tocotrienols are known to have neuroprotective effect as well as remarkable antioxidant activities. Recent in vitro studies have successfully extracted embryos from C. elegans to develop neurons, muscles and epithelial cells. Thus, this study is aimed to identify the effect of tocotrienol rich fraction (TRF) towards the expression of synapse-associated genes in ageing neurons derived from the embryos of C.elegans.
Method: Primary culture of C. elegans embryonic cultured cells was incubated with TRF. The expression level of syd-2, sad-1, and aex-3 were determined using the quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Dosage of TRF treatment was predetermined by a colorimetric assay.
Results: C.elegans was treated with an optimal dose of 10 µg/ml TRF for 24 hours. Expression of syd-2 was found to be up-regulated with TRF treatment. However, insignificant changes were found in the expression of sad-1 and aex-3.
Conclusion: TRF increases the expression of syd-2 which regulates the differentiation of presynaptic termini in neurons derived from the embryos of C.elegans.