Hidden Dangers In The Blue Ocean
Vol. 5 Issue 1 : 2017


Incidences of marine sting envenoming in Sabah is on the rise. It has resulted in deaths and sufferings involving both local and visitors.
There is an urgent need to increase the awareness on marine envenoming and poisoning and to train healthcare providers on the management
of marine sting envenoming cases. A Marine Envenoming and Poisoning (MEP) course was conducted in Sabah in 2015. Fifty
-eight out of the total 63 participants who had attended this course submitted their feedback. This activity was found to improve competence
(86%), understanding (97%), performance (90%), practice (90%) and knowledge (95%) among the participants. The MEP course
should be regularly conducted in other parts of Malaysia that has high incidence and risks of marine animal envenoming and poisoning.