Embalming for Medical Education: A Single Approach Using a Simple Solution
Vol. 5 Issue 2 : 2017


Method for preserving human body for medical education has seen minimal change over the years. Since the discovery of preserving
the cadavers, the technique only evolves around the site of delivery and the embalming fluid used. Despite the advancement in medical
education technology, the human cadaver is still the preferred choice for teaching the students in anatomy related courses. However,
the topic of embalming is less discussed in the article journal lately. One possible explanation is that it could probably reaches its perfection
stage after existing for hundreds if not thousands of years. Traditionally the solution used by the embalmers contains paraformaldehyde,
a substance that is notoriously known for its toxicity. The site of injection also varies, usually by applying a multiple sites
approach to distribute the solution. Here we share our experience in preserving the dead by applying a single site approach via the femoral
artery and using a simple embalming solution recipe with only a fraction of paraformaldehyde which result has stood the test of