Clinical Skills Teaching in Preclinical Years
Vol. 3 Issue 1 : 2015


Clinical Skill Learning (CSL) is a new module which was introduced in 2005/2006 session of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Faculty of Medicine medical undergraduate curriculum. The CSL module allows early exposure of  clinical skills and experience to preclinical year students to increase their confidence level when they enter clinical years. The module also  promote their understanding on the clinical applications of medical sciences subjects, thus boosting their interest to study. However, the effectiveness of CSL in preparing the students for their clinical years has not been studied. Therefore, a study is highly recommended to explore the role of CSL and measure its effectiveness. Questionnaires can be prepared and distributed to the target groups involved with CSL module  i.e. the new third year students, the third year supervisors and the CSL facilitators. Outcomes of the study could indicate the effectiveness of the CSL module by analyzing the attitude, perception and expectation of the parties involved. They may also indicate areas which can be improved for CSL module to be more effective.