Bone Analysis of Young Adult Rabbit Femur via Micro-Computed Tomography
Vol. 3 Issue 3 : 2015


Micro-computed tomography is a useful tool for bone evaluation as various parameters are readily available. It has been widely used especially in small animal imaging for preclinical investigation. The Skyscan 1176 is one of the micro-computed tomography systems available that provide high performance scanning. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reference document for basic steps utilising Skyscan 1176 for ex-vivo young adult rabbit femur and similar sample. Using Skyscan 1176 system that is served with several software such as the CT reconstruction and CT analyser software, bone analysis of the rabbit femur was performed. The bones were scanned using Al 1mm filter and 18 μm pixel resolutions. The 1422 projected images were then reconstructed before proceeding with the analysis. The reading for the bone analysis was covered for TV (1418.32mm3 ), BS (665.96mm2 ), BV (59.46mm3 ), BS/BV (11.20mm-1 ), BS/ TV (0.47mm-1 ), Tb.Th (0.33mm), Tb.Sp (4.25mm) and Tb.N. (0.13mm-1 ). In summary, Skyscan 1176 micro-CT has been successfully used in ex-vivo rabbit bone model to non-invasively examine bone microarchitecture. Micro-CT is capable of providing information in a rapid and non-destructive way.